Don’t Fear Technology!

AWA is currently seeking to operate within the realm of the original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) and the upper echelon of performance and racing automotive industry. Manufacturers are tasked with requirements to improve their vehicle performance and fuel economy exponentially in the coming years and will rely on technology to accomplish this. In the multi-billion dollar aftermarket space, AWA’s technology offers increased performance with lighter weight products that offer greater strength and durability. AWA has strategically positioned itself within the marketplace so that we are nimble enough to adjust to changes and emerging trends; well ahead of the biggest names  in the industry. Our business strategy includes the development, production and distribution cycles for our line of products. Investment opportunities are available through both debt and equity position options.

Our technology is consistently about half of the weight of incumbent aluminum. The future is only as limited as your own imagination!

Please inquire within regarding other investment options such as purchasing or leasing our technology and intellectual property, partnerships, new product development, etc.


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